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Analysis usually means making sure the product has sufficient strength.  But here at Gumbo Product Development we make sure that product also meets all the specifications, including cost, manufacturability and timeliness.

We are fully capable of utilizing the most modern tools including Mechanical System Simulation (MSS) software as well as Finite Element Analysis (FEA).  What is more important, however, is our ability to make quick checks using simple calculations on a calculator which save time and money.  More complicated analysis tools have been built to analyze specific problems using MS Excel which provide more insight into the problem and allow for quick Design Of Experiment (DOE) studies to be executed on the model.

It doesn't yield the nice pictures that FEA does though.

Bracket analysis evaluating vibrational modes
CFD analysis of simple flow

Testing is also an important part of analysis.  We can provide testing of  your product before the end user does.


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